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Are mole traps legal in Washington state?

It's illegal to kill a mole in a body-gripping trap in Washington, but you can shoot, shock, drug, drown or whack 'em dead with a shovel. He recommended mole traps until the state ban in 2000.

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Similarly, are moles protected in Washington state?

Moles are unclassified and people may trap or kill moles on their own property when they are causing damage to crops, domestic animals, or their property (RCW 77.36. With the passing of Initiative 713, given their body-gripping design, traditionally used mole traps are no longer legal for use in Washington (RCW 77.15.

Additionally, are there moles in Washington state? Washington State is home to three species of moles, but only two, the Townsend's mole (Figure 1) and the Pacific mole (Scapanus spp.), cause serious damage to home landscapes in the state. The damage caused by moles primarily comes from their tunneling and displacing of dirt.

Furthermore, can you trap in Washington state?

The trapping season authorizes taking of furbearing animals for their hides and pelts only. A firearm may be used to dispatch trapped animals. People buying a Washington State Trapping License for the first time must pass an exam in safe, humane, and proper trapper techniques.

What is the fastest way to get rid of moles in your yard?

There are three methods to use in ridding your lawn of moles:

  1. Eliminate the food source of moles: insects, grubs, worms with a pesticide like Talstar which can be bought here.
  2. Repel the mole.
  3. Use a bait such as Mole Patrol to kill moles.

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