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Are mulberry trees illegal in Maricopa County?

Hi Dylan, Yes, mulberry trees do grow here but they need plenty of water and the female trees are banned due to their high allergan content.

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Hereof, are mulberry trees illegal in AZ?

In 1984, the city administration of Tucson, Arizona, banned the planting of mulberry trees citing that the amount of pollen produced by these trees was harmful for humans. Mulberries are the deciduous trees native to the warm temperate and subtropical regions of the world.

Furthermore, do all mulberry trees produce fruit? Red mulberry trees rarely live more than 75 years, while black mulberries have been known to bear fruit for hundreds of years. The mulberry makes an attractive tree which will bear fruit while still small and young. White mulberries generally come out in early spring, almost two months before black mulberries.

Secondly, why are mulberries not sold in stores?

I have found another reason that mulberries aren't sold in stores … well, three reasons, actually. They are supposedly harmless to eat, so don't worry if you ate a few mulberries while you were picking them. To get rid of the bugs, just put the berries in a big bowl or pan and generously cover them with fresh water.

Is it safe to eat mulberries?

Eating mulberries: Luckily, they're totally edible, so it's really just an aesthetic problem. And, though it goes without saying, you should wash them thoroughly before eating. The absolute best thing is just eat them off the tree, but the next best thing is to mix them into some homemade ice cream.

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