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Are mums flowers annuals or perennials?

Mums are considered tender perennials. Whether they come back the next year depends on when and where they are planted: Spring or summer – If planted in spring or summer, mums will have ample time to establish a good root system.

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Also asked, what type of mums are perennials?

Garden mums, also known as hardy mums, are perennial mums. Cut-flower chrysanthemums, like spider mums or football mums, are perennials in Zones 5 to 9, and these types are becoming easier to find for sale online.

Similarly, how do you winterize mums? The next step in winter care for mums is to properly insulate them in the fall. The leaves of the plant will die back and become brown after a few hard frosts have hit your area. After the foliage of the plant has died back, you will need to cut it back. Cut back the stems of the mums to 3 to 4 inches above the ground.

Likewise, which mums come back every year?

They will grow back and your plant won't look dead in the middle." Many people buy mums in the fall thinking the plants are annuals. These people toss the mums in the trash once the blooms have faded. But if you buy hardy mums, you can get them to bloom year after year.

Are potted mums perennials?

Chrysanthemums (Dendranthema or Chrysanthemum spp.) bloom in late summer and fall and are prized for their wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. Potted mums are not usually meant to be grown as perennials, however, and most die after a few weeks.

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