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Are opposite angles of trapezium equal?

In a common trapezium the opposite angle are not equal. In an isosceles trapezium the opposite angle are not equal however two pairs of adjacent angles are equal - one pair being acute (at either ends of the longer parallel side), and one pair being obtuse (at either ends of the shorter parallel side).

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Likewise, which angles of a trapezium are equal?

Trapezium and Its Properties

  • Angle: The sum of angles in a trapezoid-like other quadrilateral is 360°.
  • Two angles on the same side are supplementary, that is the sum of the angles of two adjacent sides is equal to 180°.
  • Its diagonals bisect with each other.

Similarly, does a trapezium have equal sides? Trapezium. A trapezium has one pair of parallel sides. Some trapeziums have one line of symmetry. They are called isosceles trapeziums as they have two equal sides like isosceles triangles.

Likewise, people ask, how many sides are equal in trapezium?

four sides

Are diagonals of a trapezium equal?

Diagonals are equal only in the special case of trapezium called trapezoid ( or isosceles trapezium). It is a characteristic property of trapezoid, that the diagonals are equal. It is not necessary that diagonals of all types of trapezium are equal.

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