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Are Saddleback pigs good for meat?

The breed is dual purpose and makes a good pork pig or bacon pig if taken to heavier weights. The meat is much in demand and suited to direct marketing.

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Simply so, what's the best breed of pigs for meat?

For more general information about identifying a breed of pig, check out Pork's Major Swine Breeds.

  1. 10 Most Common Meat Pig Breeds.
  2. Yorkshire. The Yorkshire is the most popular breed of pig in North America today.
  3. Duroc.
  4. Berkshire.
  5. Landrace.
  6. Meishan.
  7. Chester White.
  8. Hampshire.

Also, are Kune Kune pigs good eating? The Kunekune is a versatile, unique breed. The quality of meat is excellent and their friendly, easy going nature make them a pleasure to rear. They are economical to feed and very hardy. Altogether, an ideal choice!

Accordingly, how long do Saddleback pigs live for?

15 to 20 years

What can you not feed pigs NZ?

Some vegetables are toxic and can make pigs sick if they eat large quantities such as apple or pear seeds, cassava, wild mushrooms, unripened tomatoes, avocados, rhubarb and green potatoes. Other things pigs don't eat are; citrus fruit, capsicums, onions, pineapples and some brassicas.

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