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Are there specific predator/prey relationships in the tundra?

Predator/PREY relationships. predator/prey relationships: arctic Fox, lemmings, wolves, caribou, polar bear, arctic wolf, brown bear, arctic hair, snowy owl, musk ox, and grass. wolves are a predators, they hunt caribou and eat it for energy and the caribou eats plant life to obtain engergy.

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Also, what are some symbiotic relationships in the tundra?

Types of Symbiotic Relationships in the Tundra There are three main types of symbiotic relationships; parasitism, mutualism and commensalism. A parasitic relationship is when one organism benefits while the other is harmed, or maybe even killed by their interactions.

Also Know, what is an example of a food chain in the tundra? In the North and South An example of an Arctic food chain begins as lichens get energy through photosynthesis. Lemmings, which are mouse-like tundra animals, feed off lichens. Snowy owls eat lemmings, while arctic foxes consume the owls. Then foxes become food for polar bears.

One may also ask, what are some predator/prey relationships in the tropical rainforest?

An example of predation in the tropical rainforest is between a jaguar and a sloth. They have a predator-prey relationship. In this relationship, the jaguar usually benefits because it gets food, and the sloth is usually harmed because, well, that particular sloth does not exist anymore!

What is the relationship between predator and prey populations?

Predation is a relationship in which members of one species (the predator) consume members of another species (the prey). A predator-prey relationship keeps the populations of both species in balance.

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