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Are tinted safety glasses OSHA approved?

The current OSHA requirements for protective eye and face equipment 29 CFR 1910.133 were adopted by reference from the ANSI standard, Z87. The use of tinted lenses is not addressed in this ANSI standard. However, article 6.3.

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Beside this, can safety glasses be tinted?

Although photochromic lenses may seem like a good idea, in reality, only safety glasses with clear lenses or special purpose indoor tints may be worn indoors where safety eyewear is required. Clip-on/flip-up tinted lenses meeting ANSI recommendations or a second pair of tinted safety glasses are recommended.

what is the OSHA standard for safety glasses? Under OSHA standards, safety glasses must be permanently marked with the manufacturer's marking, followed by a "+" sign if the lenses are impact rated. Glasses that do not protect against impact will only include the manufacturer's marking.

Then, how do I know if my safety glasses are OSHA approved?

All OSHA-approved prescription safety glasses must have markings specified by the ANSI Z87. 1-2010 standard on both the lenses and the frame of the eyewear. The lenses should bear the manufacturers mark, followed by a "+" if the lenses are Impact Rated.

What do blue tinted safety glasses do?

Blue Lenses for Reducing Yellow Light Blue lens tints are used in safety eyewear in some industrial applications to reduce the impact of yellow light and excessive glare. One major example of this is with sodium vapor lighting, which is seen in…

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