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Can a landlord evict you if your disabled?

Disability. In general, a landlord cannot evict a person because they have a disability unless the disability is causing additional problems for the landlord or other tenants. Some landlords may step in and try to get assistance for the tenant, but others for one reason or another will just simply evict.

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Similarly, it is asked, how long does it take to evict a disabled person?

Usually they must give at least thirty days notice, but this varies by state. The owner is not required to provide a reason for asking the tenant to leave and the tenant must move out or face court eviction.

Subsequently, question is, can a landlord evict a disabled person in California? Eviction of Disabled Persons in California That is, a disabled person can be evicted in California for failing to pay rent, for breaching his rental agreement and for any other valid eviction grounds. This includes creating a nuisance, damaging the premises and conducting illegal activities on the premises.

Furthermore, how do you evict a mentally ill tenant?

You can't evict a tenant for being mentally ill. Your reasons for eviction have to be as concrete as in any other case; if they don't violate the lease, you can't evict them. If they do violate the lease, you'll need to follow the same processes as you would in any other circumstance.

Is the landlord or tenant responsible for ADA compliance?

Landlords and tenants may allocate –between themselves –responsibility for complying with ADA's requirements and liability for violations in the Lease. But a landlord, as the owner of the property, can be held liable for ADA compliance on property leased to, and controlled by, a tenant.

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