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Can I get my free Red Robin birthday burger to go?

As a Red Robin Royalty member, you will not receive a coupon for your Free Birthday Burger, because the Birthday reward is automatically loaded to your account the first day of the month of your Birthday, and may be redeemed once during the entire Birthday month, using either your registered Royalty card or phone

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In this way, how do I get a free burger from Red Robin?

What you get when you join Red Robin Royalty ®:

  1. Free Birthday Burger. Choose from any of your favorite fire-grilled burgers (valid once during the month of your birthday)
  2. Every 10th Item Free.
  3. $20 Toward 6th Visit.
  4. Special Military Rewards.
  5. Special Teacher Rewards.
  6. Exclusive Surprise Rewards.

One may also ask, do they sing happy birthday at Red Robin? If you have a Red Robin rewards card, you get a free gourmet birthday burger. and a glorious, loud, birthday song that requires at least three people to sing to you.

In respect to this, does Red Robin give you a free meal on your birthday?

Red Robin Birthday Burger. The Red Robin birthday club reward is a FREE Gourmet Burger or Chicken Sandwich including Bottomless Steak Fries redeemable any day during the month of your birthday.

How do I redeem Red Robin rewards?

If you visit a Red Robin or Red Robin Burger Works restaurant 5 separate times during the first 5 weeks immediately after you activate your Account, and purchase a qualifying menu item during each visit and you have presented your Program Card or your telephone number associated with your Account to your server with

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