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Can I use Macy's money online?

Macy's Money can be redeemed on anything in-store or online for a set time after the initial earning period. Plus, you can redeem up to five Macy's Money reward cards on a single order. The only things you cannot redeem Macy's Money for are cash, credit card payments or gift cards.

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People also ask, how do I use Macy's star money online?

Shop with your Macy's Credit Card in store or online at At checkout, you will be able to apply any available Star Money to your purchase.

Beside above, what happens to Macy's money if I return? If you use a Star Money reward(s) toward a purchase and then return the item purchased, Macy's may issue the portion of your return paid with a Star Money reward(s) in the form of a Macy's Happy Returns Card or a merchandise only certificate.

Simply so, how do you spend Macy's money?

During an event, anybody can earn $10 in Macy's Money for every $50 they spend at Macy's (up to $40) on qualifying purchases, which can be used just like a gift card!

What is Macy's star money?

Star Rewards is Macy's loyalty program where members earn on every purchase, except Gift Cards, services & fees. Plus, benefits include special perks, savings, surprises & more! You are automatically enrolled in Macy's Star Rewards as a Silver member when you open a Macy's Credit Card (subject to credit approval).

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