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Can kids fly on JetSuiteX?

“In fact, avoiding the long lines and walks and jetways at airports is typically one of the best benefits JetSuiteX offers for anyone, especially relevant for limited-mobility or disabled individuals, and for parents with children.” There's no extra charge for traveling with dogs or cats.

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Then, does JetSuiteX have security?

JetSuiteX runs a TSA security check 24 hours before your departure to pre-screen travelers for boarding and avoid security delays.

Also, what type of planes does JetSuiteX fly? Services. JetSuite is a private jet airline that charters flights on its fleet of Embraer Phenom 100s, Phenom 300s and a Legacy 650.

Also question is, how much does it cost to fly JetSuiteX?

Fly Private Jets for $129: JetSuiteX. There are several ways you can fly private jets across the United States. Although it can easily cost $1,000 an hour to charter an entire jet, it's possible to fly for as low as $129.

Does JetSuiteX fly to Palm Springs?

JetSuiteX Offers Pop-up Flights to Coachella Music Festival. Amtrak serves Palm Springs, 32 minutes away from the festival grounds, however the service arrives past midnight. Cochran Regional Airport is a private airport serving general aviation in the southeastern Coachella Valley (Desert Resorts Region).

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