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Can timber stud walls be load bearing?

Of course, studwork can be used for load-bearing walls — in timber framed homes, timber stud walls are used everywhere. The downside of using blockwork for internal walls is that it is so much heavier that it usually requires extra support at floor level. You could: add foundations or beams.

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Similarly, can stud walls be load bearing?

Take care though, as some types of stud walls are semi-load bearing, particularly in older homes where they are used to help support light or short joists. But this itself is no indication of whether or not the wall is load bearing.

how far apart are studs in a load bearing wall? Load-bearing walls are usually 16 inches apart, on-center. This predictable spacing lets you easily find studs when trying to hang a picture, install shelves, or put in new kitchen wall cabinets, among other projects.

In this regard, can a 2x4 wall be load bearing?

If it's an exterior wall it's almost always load bearing. If the joists are not continuous over the wall (they are cut short and meet on top of the wall) it is definitely load bearing. If there are only cripple studs on a flat 2x4 to give you something to attach the drywall, it likely isn't load bearing.

What happens if a load bearing wall is removed?

When a wall is removed that holds up the ends of the ceiling joist or the trusses, then the weight of the ceiling and any load above it may cause the ceiling to sag or drop down. The ceiling may sag a half inch or more, and in a few instances may collapse.

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