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Can you cover a gas fireplace?

There are two types of gas burning fireplaces, VENTED and UNVENTED. A vented gas burning fireplace is like having a window in your home open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A Fireplace Fashion Cover will help keep those toxic gas fumes and carbon monoxide inside the fireplace, not allowing them to enter your home.

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Consequently, what can I use to cover fireplace opening?

To enclose a currently open fireplace, you can purchase and install flat, closed-door screens that secure to the wall just around the fireplace opening. These are usually metal and glass for best fire safety and become a clean face on your fireplace wall without taking up much floor space.

Beside above, can you use a gas fireplace without the glass? Because removal of the glass is totally dependent on the specific unit installed, we cannot recommend that the glass be removed unless the specific model of unit denotes that it can be removed and the fireplace will still operate safely.

Similarly one may ask, can you put wood around a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces have the versatility of being purely decorative or adding charm to the room as well as providing a heat source. At either setting, the heat is not intense enough to pose a fire danger, so you can safely install wood trim around a gas-powered fireplace.

Can you drywall around a gas fireplace?

Yes, even fire rated drywall is considered combustible in fireplace world. If you need a non-comb. sheathing, look for an ASTM E-136 rating such as Durock (USG). Keep the fire inside the fireplace.

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