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Can you eat the top of a brussel sprout plant?

You can eat any of the cabbage/sprout/brassica leaves. With sprouts, you can eat the sprout tops once the sprouts have finished so no reason why you can't eat the leaves too. Just do[t eat them all as the plant needs some to grow!

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Herein, are the tops of brussel sprouts edible?

The leaves are edible and just as tasty as the sprouts. They aren't typically found in conventional grocery stores, but they are popping up around farmers markets or you may have them in your own garden.

Similarly, what could be eating my brussel sprout plants? Brussels sprouts are affected by the same insects that plague cabbage plants.

A few of these include:

  • aphids.
  • maggots.
  • earwigs.
  • cutworms.
  • leaf miners.
  • nematodes.
  • snails and slugs.

Also question is, what is a sprout top?

Sprout tops are one of the most flavoursome greens and they have the hint of a Brussels sprout with the texture of healthy greens. They're probably a bit more versatile than the sprout itself and can be served with anything from chestnuts to bacon.

What's eating my sprout leaves?

Snails and slugs eat leaves. Collect these pests at night. Set beer traps at soil level to attract and drown snails and slugs.

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