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Can you inflate a pool with a bicycle pump?

Simple adapter to inflate objects with those annoying "pool float" style inflation valves using a standard bicycle / tire pump. Simply attach the pump to the adapter as you would a tire stem valve, then insert the other end into the pool float and pump it up!

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Similarly, it is asked, how do you reverse a vacuum to inflate?

Take the vacuum into a garage or out to the driveway or patio. Plug in the vacuum, point it away from you and turn it on to blow dust, hair and dirt out of the vacuum. Let the vacuum run for a minute or two to clean it completely.

One may also ask, how do you inflate a large pool toy? Take your hair dryer and place the blow end inside the open end of the plastic bottle. Make sure the hair dry is blowing cool air and turn it on full blast. Within minutes that pool toy should be completely inflated and your lungs will be thankful!

Herein, how do you inflate an air mattress without a pump?

Method 2 Inflating Without a Pump

  1. Use a hair dryer if there is no pump available.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner or shop vac.
  3. Use a bike or tire pump.
  4. Use a garbage bag.
  5. Inflate it with your breath if all else fails.

How do you inflate pool toys with an air compressor?

Inflating with an air compressor is easy. If your blow up item has the small mouth nozzle, put the hose end over the nozzle and hold it flush against the toy. If your item has a wider mouth nozzle, you can use the narrow tip on the compressor and insert it into the nozzle.

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