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Can you retro fit underfloor heating?

Retrofitting Underfloor Heating. However, these systems can be suitable for retrofitting into older homes as well. Electric UFH is relatively easy to install in a renovation project, but has greater running costs than water-based systems. Yet the latter are traditionally more complex to install.

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Accordingly, can you put underfloor heating in an existing house?

Many UFH systems are considered once a home is already built. Traditionally underfloor heating has only been installed at the new-build stage, but with the introduction of a range of retrofit solutions, it is now possible to install UFH into existing houses.

Likewise, can you convert radiator to underfloor heating? The answer to this question is yes, you can have both systems on one boiler. It is possible to create zones in your home, where one part gets heated via the radiators and others warm up with underfloor heating. You can even have both in the same room if you wish.

Keeping this in consideration, can I fit underfloor heating?

It's possible to carry out electric underfloor heating installation yourself if you're confident with DIY techniques. However, if you choose a water-based system you will need a qualified professional to lay the pipes and connect them to your boiler. They will also need to lay insulation and screed.

What depth is required for underfloor heating?

Standard UFH systems are 15cm-16.5cm in depth, comprising 10cm of insulation, 5cm-6.5cm of screed containing the warm water or electric heating elements inside, followed by the floor finish.

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