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Can you thread tweets in HootSuite?

Use Hootsuite to schedule tweets, monitor relevant conversations, and engage your followers—all from the same dashboard that you use to manage your other social media profiles.

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Also know, can you schedule threaded tweets?

How to schedule twitter threads. In late 2017 twitter officially introduced the ability to create twitter threads natively within the service. You simply compose multiple tweets and send them as a thread, this has been one of the changes that made twitter more user friendly.

Likewise, can you retweet from HootSuite? Please note that HootSuite doesn't have a native retweet option by default. Though you can change RT to native retweets in HootSuite, you won't be allowed to schedule them.

Correspondingly, can you schedule a thread on TweetDeck?

TweetDeck does not currently support pre-posting on mobile devices, but you can schedule multiple future tweets in TweetDeck on your computer. Open TweetDeck, then select your Twitter account. Click the clock icon to the left of the Send button. Enter the date and time that you want the first tweet to post.

How do I remove myself from a twitter thread?

To remove people from the conversation in the editing screen, simply click or tap on the checkmark icon to deselect participants. Once someone is unselected, the checkmark icon will be unchecked.

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