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Do deer eat cherry blossom trees?

Japanese flowering cherry trees, or Prunus serrulata, have been classified by Rutgers University as a tree that is "seldom severely damaged" by deer. These trees are more resistant to deer than other species of cherry trees. Depending on the variety of tree you grow, it may have either pink or white blossoms.

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Regarding this, will deer eat cherry trees?

Deer will graciously accept any fruit on your property as a delicious meal. Nearly all fruit trees are frequented by deer populations when available, including apples (Malus spp.), pears (Pyrus spp.), and especially cherries and plums (Prunus spp.).

Similarly, what trees are deer resistant? As a general rule, evergreen trees that tend to be ignored by deer include species of juniper, pines, firs and spruces. Deciduous trees that exhibit deer resistance include Paw Paw, Black Tupelo, Mimosa, Red Maple, Japanese Maple, Black Locust, Sweetgum, Mulberry and Black Walnut.

Moreover, do deer eat black cherry trees?

Birds, squirrels, deer, raccoon, black bears, ruffed grouse, opossum and turkey are among the animals that eat the fruit of black cherry. The bark, leaves and twigs of this tree are poisonous to livestock, although deer can eat the leaves without harm. Wilted leaves of black cherry are more poisonous than fresh leaves.

Do deer eat flowering crabapple trees?

Although it's generally agreed that deer like to eat crabapples and these trees are good deer attractants, that's where the consensus stops. Most think a crabapple is a small, bitter apple (Actually, some crabapples are sweet and some true apples are bitter).

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