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Do I need a return line with a fuel pressure regulator?

Requires no fuel return line and fittings from the regulator to the fuel tank. This reduces weight, complexity (routing a return line can prove to be difficult), and expense. Multiple regulators (set at different pressures, such as with a nitrous oxide system application) may be used from one pump.

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Also, do you need fuel return line?

You don't really "need" a return; but the car will work better if it has one, on the street. The fuel pump pressurizes fuel to send it to the carb. If the engine isn't using much fuel (sitting still idling for example) the fuel in the line will be mostly just sitting there, getting hot.

Furthermore, does a fuel return line have pressure? There is NO WAY there is that much pressure in a return line unless there is a problem with the line (blockage, kink, etc). If the tank was full of water, it would cause 0.25 PSI of pressure in the fuel line if it had 7" of fuel above the return.

In this manner, can you bypass fuel pressure regulator?

Bypass style regulators are characterized by a fuel return line from the regulator back to the fuel tank. Fuel travels into the regulator and flows out to the carburetor. As line pressure drops the fuel bypass valve descends, progressively closing it off, thereby increasing fuel flow and line pressure.

Where should a fuel pressure regulator be located?

There are those who believe it's best to place a fuel pressure regulator close to the fuel's destination (fuel rail, fuel log, carburetor, diesel or direct injection pump), while others feel it's just fine to place it further away; sometimes at the opposite end of the vehicle.

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