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Do plants speak?

Plants 'talk to' each other through their roots. Plants use their roots to “listen in” on their neighbours, according to research that adds to evidence that plants have their own unique forms of communication. “Plants can't do that.

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Likewise, people ask, can plants communicate with humans?

Plants don't have brains and are not capable of communicating in any form. However, recent studies reveal that they actually “communicate” with each other and can even respond when humans communicate with them.

Secondly, do plants have something to say? One scientist is definitely listening. Monica Gagliano says that she has received Yoda-like advice from trees and shrubbery. “Oryngham,” she says, means “thank you” in plant language.

Beside above, can plants hear you talk?

Sound Garden: Can Plants Actually Talk and Hear? Acoustic sensors measuring hydraulic emissions from plant leaves in a Duke University laboratory. Even trees and plants fizz with the sound of tiny air bubbles bursting in their plumbing. And there is evidence that insects and plants "hear" each other's sounds.

Why do plants communicate?

Scientists have revealed that plants communicate through the air, by releasing odorous chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and through the soil, by secreting soluble chemicals into the rhizosphere and transporting them along thread-like networks formed by soil fungi.

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