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Do purple martins mate for life?

Purple Martins are monogamous, but both sexes are highly promiscuous. Once a pair bond is formed, both sexes defend the nest site intensely. Purple Martins nest in colonies, but members of the breeding colony are not related.

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Correspondingly, how often do purple martins lay eggs?

Martins will nest only one time per year in the spring. The nesting begins a few weeks after arrival. They lay from 1 to 6 eggs in a clutch, but normally average four eggs per nest. In- cubation for martin eggs is usually 16 days.

Similarly, what is the lifespan of a purple martin? Purple martins have a normal lifespan of about 5 to 7 years in the wild however; it's not out of the norm for them to reach 9 or 10 years of age. Banding studies have shown them to reach many more years than that, but that is the exception.

Subsequently, question is, what are purple martins good for?

Purple martins enjoy vast quantities of insects on the wing, and are much sought after for controlling annoying insects like mosquitoes. They love to eat mosquitoes, beetles, flies, dragonflies, and moths.

Why do purple martins leave?

The most common reason martins abandon their colony site is because predators have raided their nests. It only takes one foray up a martin pole by a snake or raccoon, a few nightly visits by an owl, or a few daily visits by a hawk or crow to cause all the surviving birds to abandon the site, often for- ever.

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