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Do you need a food handlers permit in Idaho?

The state of Idaho does NOT have any food safety laws that requires typical food workers to receive an Idaho food handlers permit, also known as the Idaho food handlers card. This means that all common food employees handling unpacked foods (i.e. food preps, line cooks, servers, bussers, etc.)

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Herein, do you need a food handlers card in Idaho?

If you are a food handler in Idaho, It is highly recommended that you complete a food safety course that is approved for use in Idaho. Completing an approved food safety course will award you with an Idaho Food Handlers Card. Your food handlers card will be valid for 2 years.

Furthermore, where do I go to get a food handlers permit? Utah Food Handlers Permit – Online Training

  • Register for Online Training.
  • Complete Training and Pass the Exam.
  • Print your temporary Food Handler Certificate (valid to start working right away)
  • You will receive your official Food Handlers Permit in the mail from your local health department within 30 days.

Additionally, how do I get a food handlers permit in Idaho?

How to Get Your Food Handlers Card

  1. Make sure you need a Idaho Food Handlers card.
  2. Complete the required ANSI-Approved online training.
  3. Pass the final exam. Free Re-Tests included.

How much does it cost for a food handlers card?

The retail cost of the Food Handlers Card is $7.95 per person, and it includes the training, the test, and the Food Handlers Card upon successfully passing the test with a 70% or better. The entire process is done online on a computer, and the certificate can be printed at home or from any computer that has a printer.

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