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Does CORS apply to subdomains?

A couple caveats here: subdomains are themselves unique domains, so cors (cross origin resource sharing) rules still apply when making ajax requests across subdomains. If you are making ajax calls from one subdomain (or domain) to another, remember to set cors headers on your server receiving the request.

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Also to know is, do I need CORS for subdomain?

1 Answer. Yes you have to enable it. You have to send CORS allow headers from server side to your browser. This is because a subdomain counts as a different origin.

One may also ask, is subdomain same origin? In web terms, the origin is a set of common characteristics of a web resource. In most cases, the origin is a combination of three elements: the schema (protocol), the hostname (domain/subdomain), and the port. Therefore, all resources identified by schema:hostname/anything:port have the same origin.

Subsequently, question is, do cookies work across subdomains?

Any campaign-specific cookies set on one subdomain will persist through to other subdomains. This feature only allows cookies to persist across subdomains, like from '' to ''. Cookies will not persist from one domain to another, such as from '' to ''.

How do you resolve Cors issues in REST API?

The way to fix this problem consists of:

  1. Add the support of the OPTIONS method so that CORS preflight requests are valid.
  2. Add the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header in your response so that the browser can check the request validity.

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