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Does furnitureland south offer financing?

You can also apply for financing for the Furnitureland South credit card to pay for your items over time. The Furnitureland South credit card allows you to have 12 months of no interest financing if your total purchase is over $3,000.

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Also to know is, is furnitureland South worth the trip?

Furnitureland South delivers, or you can pick up. They also have a clearance center that you can buy stuff off the floor and take it home same day. Our last trip we took there was 2 years ago and honestly it wasn't worth it. their prices were really not much cheaper than Home Comfort.

Subsequently, question is, is it worth buying furniture in North Carolina? As far as whether NC is worth the trip- it IS, but only if you are already looking to buy very high quality name brand furniture (pieces that typically are special ordered in your pick of fabrics and finishes). NC is not a great place to go if you're shopping primarily based on budget.

Also to know, does furnitureland South charge sales tax?

FLS is obligated to collect Sales & Use Tax on goods shipped to most states outside of North Carolina.

What is the furniture capital of the world?

High Point

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