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Does Nickles Bakery still make banana flips?

-based grocer embraced again Tuesday when it announced the return of Nickles Banana Flip, a snack cake that hasn't been available locally for nearly 10 years. The banana crème-filled cake has been available in Food City stores for about a week.

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Also, can you still buy banana flips?

banana flips are long gone. banana flips are long gone. but just the texture of those eggs with the sponge cake and the flavor of the impossibly sweet & "banana-y" whipped filling would not cut it for me.

Furthermore, is Nickles Bakery closing? When the Nickles Bakery Thrift Store in Akron closes Friday, it will mean more than just having to find a new place to buy discounted bakery items. Phil Gardner, vice president of sales and marketing and a member of the family that owns the 108-year-old bakery, said “declining sales” are prompting the closing.

Keeping this in consideration, who made the original Banana flips?


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