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Does Pollo Loco do delivery?

El Pollo Loco is expanding its partnership with DoorDash, adding doorstep delivery of its fire-grilled chicken to more than half of its 470 restaurants. Customers can order food through the chain's website or El Pollo Loco app. Ordering is not available through the DoorDash platform.

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Herein, does Pollo Loco take phone orders?

In addition to adding online ordering capabilities, the company has brought the power of ordering to customer's mobile devices with the launch of its first ordering app. Watch the El Pollo Loco App video and visit to see everything these new platforms have to offer.

Furthermore, can I buy Pollo Loco online? El Pollo Loco's App Serves Up Online Ordering. Fire-grilled chicken chain El Pollo Loco announced the launch of its new mobile app and online ordering platform on Thursday (Dec. Customers of the quick service restaurant will now be able to use order-ahead capabilities via the company's website and mobile app.

Similarly one may ask, is El Pollo Loco on Grubhub?

Get El Pollo Loco delivered with Grubhub Allow the browser to use your location.

Is Pollo Loco good?

Kyochon chicken is awesome when it's hot, but diminishes to merely "very good" when it gets beyond 1 hour. El Pollo Loco sucks. The food is okay-- on par with other fast food-- but they must use the smallest chickens known to man or something.

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