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Does Russell Westbrook have shoes?

Russell Westbrook is a point guard for the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder , and has a signature line of footwear and apparel with Jordan Brand. Known for his aggressive play style and elite athleticism, Westbrook is one of the most exciting players in the NBA today.

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Consequently, does Russell Westbrook have a signature shoe?

Russell Westbrook Shoes. Designed and built for one of the game's most dedicated and explosive players, the Russell Westbrook shoe collection offers signature styles perfect for the street, as well as the latest in Jordan technology for unparalleled on-court performance.

Additionally, what size is Russell Westbrook shoes? 15

In this regard, what brand of shoes does Russell Westbrook wear?

Zer0. 3 Signature Sneaker. Jordan Brand officially unveiled Russell Westbrook's latest signature sneaker, the Jordan Why Not? Zer0.

What shoes does Carmelo Anthony wear?

Carmelo Anthony's Air Jordan 34 Shoes. The sneakers Carmelo Anthony rocked during his career resurgence with the Portland Trail Blazers was the Air Jordan 34 sneakers. The 34th Jordan signature shoe features one of the bounciest Zoom Air units ever.

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