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How contagious is woodworm?

Woodworm isn't infectious or contagious. If you place a 'clean' piece of timber next to one with woodworm, the infestation will not necessarily cross over. For one thing, the new timber may not be to your resident beetles' taste.

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In this manner, how long does woodworm take to spread?

The female of the “woodworm” (common furniture beetle, or Anobium punctatum) will lay her eggs in moist, nutritious timber, preferably the sapwood of freshly felled trees or branches outside. The larvae will burrow beneath the surface for three to five years, pupate and then emerge as adults.

Additionally, can woodworm die off? Probably not but I will tell you anyway. Woodworm (of which there are many forms from common furniture to the dreaded deathwatch beetle) eventually dies off when the wood dries and provided the building is appropriately maintained, there is no reason why any widespread infestation should recur.

Secondly, can woodworm spread from firewood?

Second, woodworm is not infectious – it does not spread from one piece of timber to another. I get frequent letters from readers who have found holes in firewood or second-hand furniture, and worry that it will spread to the floorboards or structural timbers of their homes.

How bad is woodworm?

Not all woodworm is harmful. However, if left untreated over time, woodworm can seriously weaken timber, causing severe damage within its structure. House Longhorn Beetle is known as the most damaging species, but any major infestation should be checked by a professional.

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