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How do I cancel my doTERRA LRP account Australia?

Cancellation of LRP order must take place over the telephone by calling Member Services at 1-800-411-8151, or by chatting online with a live representative.

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Also asked, how do I cancel my doTERRA membership Australia?

There is no minimum spend. Loyalty Orders can be changed every month. You can cancel your LRP at any time by emailing Once you have finished shopping, choose "Check Out".

Similarly, how long do doTERRA LRP points last? Earning LRP Points: Page 2 o Minimum 50 PV LRP required o LRP points available for use 60 days after they begin LRP o You may not earn more than 100 LRP points in one month. o LRP Points expire 12 months after they have been earned. o LRP points are earned on the PV amount for the LRP order, not the dollar amount.

Regarding this, how does the doTERRA LRP program work?

The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is a program that provides free product credits for monthly purchases ordered on the program. As a participant in the Loyalty Rewards Program, you will immediately begin to earn product credits that can be used as cash to purchase doTERRA products.

Can I cancel my doTERRA membership?

You can cancel any time by calling Member Services (800) 411-8171. Email [email protected] and ask them to cancel your account.

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