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How do I charge my Dodge Journey key?

Dodge Keyfob Battery Change
  1. Release the metal key. There is a small tap that you need to press down and the metal key will slide out.
  2. Use the metal key to remove the back cover on your Dodge keyless remote.
  3. Slide out old battery. Slide new battery in.
  4. Snap the battery cover back in place.

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In this regard, can you start a Dodge Journey with the key?

responded: The 2014 Dodge Journey uses a keyless ignition system. This means that instead of metal keys, you get a key FOB with keyless entry. The remote keyless entry transmitter should be in the passenger compartment before starting the vehicle with the push start button.

Likewise, what kind of battery does a Dodge Journey key take? CR2032

Likewise, how much does a Dodge Journey key cost?

A: In short, to replace a Dodge Journey key usually cost between $90-$400.

Can I start my car without the fob?

Some cars are equipped with a means of starting the car manually, and some have a backup built into the key fob that work without a key. If your keyless entry works with a START button and there's no mechanical key slot, there's still a way to start the car. Use the key fob to push the START button.

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