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How do I clean my G Pen vape?

The Usual
  1. Gather all your materials into one place.
  2. Soak your cotton swab in the alcohol.
  3. Unscrew the G Pen, locate the contact point on the top half of the unit.
  4. Take your cotton swab and gently wipe away oil residue from the contact point.
  5. Once cleaned, reconnect the two parts of your vaporizer together.

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Considering this, is the G Pen Elite good?

The temperature flexibility for the G Pen Elite is very good and in an appropriate range for the vaporization of dry herbs. The digital display gives you complete control over what temperature the device heats to, from 200º F to 428º F (93ºC – 220ºC).

Beside above, how do I know when my G Pen Elite is fully charged? Accessories. How do I know when my G Pen Gio Battery is fully charged? Once the G Pen Gio Battery is approaching a full charge, the “G” light on the front of the unit will begin flashing. The unit is fully charged once the flashing ends, and the light turns off.

Furthermore, what is the G pen card for?

What Is The G Card For. A functional grinder, the G Card utilizes a multi-level steel surface to break down dried leaves. 1 G Card is standardly included within each G Pen Elite® Ground Material Vaporizer kit. Grinder Card utilizes a multi-level steel surface to break down dried leaves.

How do you change the screen on a G pen elite?

Published on May 10, 2016

  1. Push screen out of mouthpiece.
  2. Peel off silicon mouthpiece cover.
  3. Put all components in hot water or rubbing alcohol and let soak for 2-5 minutes.
  4. Let dry for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Reassemble parts.

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