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How do I find a corporate Verizon store?

How does one know if the store is a Verizon corporate store or an authorized retail location? Visit and click on “store locator” at the upper right corner. Enter the ZIP code for your location. I found there were eight corporate stores within a 25-mile radius of The Ledger.

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Simply so, how many Verizon corporate stores are there?

Verizon Wireless

Verizon's current logo as of September 1, 2015
Trade name Verizon Wireless
Headquarters Basking Ridge, New Jersey , U.S.
Number of locations 2,330 owned retail stores
Area served United States

Beside above, is there a difference between Verizon stores? Re: Verizon Wireless Corporate Store vs Authorized Retailer. The biggest difference between corporate and authorized retailers is the return policy. Also, authorized retailers can offer different prices on phones and accessories, while VZW direct agents have standardized pricing.

Also, what is the difference between Verizon corporate store and an authorized retailer?

so authorized dealers are their own business who happens to sell verizon, as opposed to buying from a corporate store which would mean buying directly from verizon wireless. the differences are that indirects/authorized dealers have to buy the verizon phones that they sell at full price.

Are Verizon stores independently owned?

company-owned stores. Verizon-owned stores and third-party retailers often look alike from the outside, but there can be major differences for consumers. The independent businesses use Verizon's name and products and earn commissions by signing up customers for wireless.

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