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How do I fix code po302?

What repairs can fix the P0302 code?
  1. Replacing spark plugs that are defective or damaged.
  2. Replacing spark plug wires that are damaged.
  3. Replacing coil pack wires that are damaged.
  4. Replacing EGR valves or tubes if they are clogged.
  5. Replacing valves that are burned.
  6. Repairing any vacuum leaks.

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Also to know is, how do you fix a cylinder 2 misfire?

These can cause random misfire conditions. Tighten or connect where necessary. Check the condition of your spark plugs and spark plug wires. If your vehicle is equipped with individual coil packs instead of spark plug wires, start by removing the cylinder 2 coil and swapping it with the cylinder number 4 coil.

Additionally, what could cause a p0302 code? An EGR valve that is stuck open, a leaking Intake Manifold Gasket, a defective Mass Air Flow Sensor, a weak or failing fuel pump, or a plugged fuel filter are some of the many causes for a lean misfire.

Just so, how much does it cost to fix a cylinder 2 misfire?

It depends on the cause. For example, if the misfire is caused by a bad on-plug ignition coil, which is quite common on many newer cars, the repair might involve replacing a bad coil and all the spark plugs. This could cost $300-$400 for a 4-cylinder engine or $450-$700 for a V6.

Is a cylinder 2 misfire serious?

There can be many reasons for a misfire, some serious, some trivial. For example in many cases it's just a fouled spark plug. Sometimes it's an ignition fault. On other occasions it can be more serious such as damaged/worn piston rings letting oil past and causing the cylinder to lose compression.

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