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How do I get rid of Hypergranulation tissue on my toe?

Silver nitrate will help to reduce granulation tissue, applied twice a week for 20 seconds, but this is sometimes painful. If symptoms don't resolve in two weeks you may consider a ring block to the toe with 2% lignocaine and removing the distal third of the nail – this works in around 50% of patients.

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Besides, will granulation tissue on toe go away?

This exact mechanism is unclear. The wound generally will not heal when there is hypergranulation tissue because it will be difficult for epithelial tissue to migrate across the surface of the wound and contraction will be halted at the edge of the swelling.

Secondly, is Hypergranulation tissue bad? Unhealthy in appearance, this kind of hypergranulation tissue is often associated with wound infection, (Johnson, 2007) in which case there may be high exudate levels with associated maceration. It may also bleed readily.

Likewise, how do you get rid of Hypergranulation tissue?

Treatment of hypergranulation tissue

  1. Apply hypertonic salt water soaks up to four times a day.
  2. Use hydrocortisone cream for a week to help with skin inflammation.
  3. Use an antimicrobial foam dressing on the stoma.
  4. Use silver nitrate to burn away the extra tissue and promote healing.

How do you prevent Hypergranulation tissue?

Treatment options include the application of silver nitrate or a topical steroid ointment to the hypergranulated tissue. Resolving the cause is the first step in remedying hypergranulation tissue, and includes stabilizing the G-tube and applying an absorbent dressing to keep the skin clean and dry.

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