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How do I register for classes at Grcc?

Register for Classes
  1. Visit your Online Center.
  2. Enter your User ID.
  3. Under the Main Menu, select Online Center.
  4. Under Academics, select Schedule Planner.
  5. Open Schedule Planner.
  6. Select the term, then click Save and Continue.
  7. Customize your schedule by changing course status, locations, terms and instruction modes.

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Besides, how do I apply to Grcc?

In the Enrollment Center you can:

  1. Apply for admission to GRCC.
  2. Turn in a transcript.
  3. Create an Online Center login.
  4. Take the ALEKS PPL, Accuplacer or LOEP assessment tests.
  5. Browse online course catalog and enroll in classes.
  6. Learn how to use GRCC technology.
  7. Get a RaiderCard.
  8. Utilize wireless access.

Beside above, when can you sign up for summer classes at Grcc? Summer Semester, 2020 must be submitted at noon on the third workday after the last day of class.)

Moreover, when can I register for classes?

When to register for classes. Most students can register beginning about 6 weeks before the start of the term. You can register up to the first day of class. We use priority registration: the more credits you've earned, the earlier you can register.

How much is a credit hour at Grcc?

The increase, which takes effect in the fall, will put the tuition rate for residents at $115 per credit hour, up from $114 this academic year. Including universal fees, the total cost for a full-time student will be $3,909 for the year.

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