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How do I reset my postman?

How to clear the cache in Postman (so that you are required to log in again when requesting a token, for example):
  1. navigate to View: Show DevTools.
  2. navigate to the Application tab, then the Clear Storage view in the left menu.
  3. deselect all choices except Cache Storage, then click on 'Clear site data'
  4. restart Postman.

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Furthermore, how do you refresh a postman?

To update the collection that users see when they use the Run in Postman button, you'll need to update the collection link. From the SHARE COLLECTION modal in the Postman app, click the Update Link button to refresh the collection.

Likewise, how do you delete postman data? To perform a DELETE request below steps are performed:

  1. Select the “DELETE” in http methods drop down.
  2. Pass the request URI in address bar of Postman.
  3. Add authorization if applicable.
  4. Add headers if applicable.
  5. Click on Send button.

In this manner, how do I reset my postman password?

You'll need to head to the forgot password page ( and enter your email. You should receive a reset password link on your email, which you can use to set a new password.

How do I log into my postman?

When you first open the Postman app, you can sign in as an existing user or create an account. If you bypass the initial sign-in option, you can click the Sign In button on the top right corner of your screen at any time. After you sign in, your profile image replaces the Sign In button.

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