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How do I secure my mailbox?

Keep reading for 8 ways to keep your physical mail secure.
  1. CIA Approved Sealing Tape.
  2. Try E-Billing.
  3. Sign up for Informed Delivery.
  4. Request Alerts From Shippers.
  5. Install Surveillance.
  6. Plan and Schedule Mail Deliveries.
  7. Rent a P.O. Box.
  8. Install a Locking or Drop Mailbox.

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Herein, how can I make my mailbox more secure?

Protect Your Mailbox From Thieves With These 8 Simple Steps

  1. Check your well-secured mail regularly.
  2. If you are going away, improve your security by stopping mail delivery.
  3. Keep your mail out of sight and remember to shred the junk mail.
  4. Visit your local post office and get yourself the Label 33.
  5. Make sure you report any incident of theft.
  6. Keep your mailbox in good condition.

Furthermore, how do you prevent mailbox theft? Protect Yourself

  1. Promptly pickup mail. Try not to leave letters and packages in your mailbox or at your door for any length of time.
  2. Deposit mail close to pickup time.
  3. Inquire about overdue mail.
  4. Don't send cash.
  5. Arrange for prompt pickup.
  6. Use Hold for Pickup.
  7. Request signature confirmation.
  8. File a change of address.

Secondly, can you put a lock on your mailbox?

Locking mailboxes effectively prevent theft of incoming mail. They must meet the same functional requirements as standard mailboxes and must be approved by the postmaster. Locks cannot be used on contemporary or traditional mailbox designs. USPS carriers do not open locked mailboxes and do not accept mailbox keys.

How does the mailman get into a locked mailbox?

Most USPS approved residential curbside locking mailboxes work in the same basic way as an unlocked curbside mailbox. The postal officer deposits your mail through an incoming mail door or slot.

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