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How do I send a cactus in the mail?

Succulents and cacti ship better when they are a little dry.
Wrap each plant with soft paper, such as tissue paper, using an extra layer or two if necessary. For cacti, you may need to use a few layers of a stiffer paper, such as newspaper, to help prevent the spines from poking through.

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Just so, how do you post a cactus?

Wrap plastic wrap around the wet newspaper a few times to seal in the moisture. Wrap sheets of newspaper over the entire cactus plant. Add two or three layers of newspaper around the plant. Fold in the ends of the newspaper around the plant and tape them closed.

Secondly, how do I ship a small plant? If you are sending plants through mail that are potted, use bubble wrap to protect the pot and the roots. A collar of cardboard over the soil and around the base of the plant, followed by a plastic bag closed around the base of the plant will help keep the soil in the container.

Also question is, can I ship plants through USPS?

In fact, according to the USPS mailing code, most plants are mailable within the United States, as long as the USDA does not prohibit them. Just make sure that you're gentle with the plant as you remove it from the soil. Package and ship the plant as soon as possible.

How do you transport a cactus?

Or get a sling, either made of cloth, rug or a cut length of hose works well. Wrapping the cactus in wadded up newspaper stuffed tightly into plastic bags can work well, too (though very large cacti will still stab you through multiple layers of newspaper sometimes).

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