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How do skateboarders talk?

To talk like a skater, call things "sick," "rad," or "insane" when you think they're really awesome. If you're really excited about something, tell people you're "stoked," and if you're feeling tired, say that you're ready to "crash" for the day.

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Regarding this, what do you call skateboarders?

Skaters generally refer to their skateboards simply as their boards. No point in getting fancy. Sometimes you hear the word "deck," but that refers specifically to the wood plank part of the skateboard. Calling a skateboard "wood" or "ride" pegs someone as a novice trying too hard to sound like a skater.

Also Know, how do you talk to a skater boy? Attract a Skater

  1. If you're a huge skater, you got this one down perfectly.
  2. Try to seem interested in what he loves.
  3. Ask questions, it will show him that you're interested and really care about his passions.
  4. Be brave, guys like confidence!
  5. Make sure the guy you like is really worth it.

Also question is, what is the hardest trick to do on a skateboard?

The Top Ten

  1. 1 720 Gazelle Flip. Go on youtube, and ull see how hard it is - Dippy+53.
  2. 2 Ollie Impossible. I liking itnew.
  3. 3 Caberiall Kickflip. dude I saw ryan sheckler do this and it looked so hard I don't even know what it is!
  4. 4 Hospital Flip. One of my favorite tricks!
  5. 5 1440 Flip.
  6. 6 Impossible.
  7. 7 Ollie.
  8. 8 Fakie Beta Flip.

Do pro skateboarders get paid?

The average range that the company pays its rider is 1000-3000 $ a month. Wheels: These companies are generous among the other skateboarding parts being sponsored. They pay a good amount of money to their skaters which is 2000$ or higher. If you get their sponsorship you are already good even with just it.

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