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How do you adjust the temperature on a Bunn coffee maker?

Bunn Machine Temperature Adjustment Older Model - YouTube
  1. Pull the top middle screw out last. [00:28]
  2. Locate blue switch. [00:38]
  3. Turn it to "set" mode. [00:43]
  4. Press and hold lower center button until it says P1. [00:48]
  5. Now you can adjust temp with plus or minus buttons. [00:58]
  6. Tempature needs to be at 180 degrees. [01:03]
  7. Empty the tank until heater kicks on. [01:18]
  8. Then check the temp when heater light turns off. [01:23]

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In this manner, how do you adjust the water temperature on a Bunn coffee maker?

Place an empty funnel on an empty dispenser beneath the sprayhead. Initiate a brew cycle and check the water temperature immediately below the sprayhead with a ther- mometer. The reading should not be less than 195°F (91°C). Adjust the control thermostat to increase the water temperature.

Beside above, why is my Bunn coffee maker making weak coffee? Serious build-up can reduce the brew temperature of your Bunn, which will result in underextracted [weak, bitter] coffee. To de-scale the water reservoir, unplug the brewer, pour in two quarts of white vinegar and let it soak for at least three hours to loosen the scale. Bad tasting water makes bad-tasting coffee.

Just so, what temperature does a Bunn brew at?

The BUNN Velocity Brew is designed with a stainless steel water tank that keeps water constantly heated to the optimal brewing temperature of 200°F. This feature bypasses the need to preheat water and allows the NHS to successively brew pots of coffee in 3 - 5 minutes all day long.

How long does it take for Bunn to heat up?

about 15 minutes

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