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How do you apply decal paper to ceramics?


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Keeping this in consideration, how do you fire ceramic decals?

  1. Cut out the decal and soak in lukewarm water until you can slide the image from the paper backing onto the ware.
  2. Position the decal on the ceramic or glass piece.
  3. Use a damp sponge or rubber squeegee to squeeze out air bubbles and water from the decal.
  4. Dry the ceramic or glass piece overnight before firing.

Similarly, how do ceramic decals work? Waterslide decals are ceramic decals that are specifically made to transfer images from paper to already glazed ceramics or glass. The waterslide decal paper is special since it is a two-part paper that when exposed to water will lift up the film that holds the actual decal image.

Just so, how do you use decal transfer paper?

To apply your vinyl transfer paper, first peel the backing off the transfer paper. Press the vinyl on top of your final design. You can use the scraper tool or an old credit card to make sure the design is attached tightly to the transfer paper. You can see this in the photos below.

Is water slide decal paper permanent?

The waterslide decals don't truly cure and fuse into the substrate as oxide glazes fired in a kiln, but rather they melt onto the surface. If you have access to a laser printer, use the Original Lazertran (Laser) Waterslide Decals.

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