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How do you calculate net primary productivity?

Net Primary Productivity (NPP), or the production of plant biomass, is equal to all of the carbon taken up by the vegetation through photosynthesis (called Gross Primary Production or GPP) minus the carbon that is lost to respiration.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how do you calculate net primary production?

You can see that your bank account balance is determined as follows: Your Net production is equal to your Gross Production minus Respiration, which is the same as the equation above that states the Net Primary Production (NPP) = the Gross Primary Production (GPP) minus Respiration (R).

Also, what is net productivity? Net productivity is the amount of energy trapped in organic matter during a specified interval at a given trophic level less that lost by the respiration of the organisms at that level. The table shows representative values for the net productivity of a variety of ecosystems — both natural and managed.

Moreover, how do you measure primary productivity?

Primary productivity can be measured in three ways:

  1. The amount of carbon dioxide used.
  2. The rate of sugar formation.
  3. The rate of oxygen production.

What is meant by net productivity and how is it calculated?

a. It is a measure of the organic products of photosynthesis that accumulate after cellular respiration by those organisms is taken into account, and it is calculated by subtracting the amount of oxygen in the dark bottle from the amount in the light bottle.

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