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How do you calculate the molar amount of Khp used to neutralize the NaOH solution?

Calculate the molar concentration of the NaOH solution that you prepared Number of moles of KHP = Number of moles NaOH = 2.476 x 10 -3 moles Number of moles NaOH = Mb x Vb Mb = 2.476 x 10 -3 moles / 0.0250 L (equivalence point) = 0.0990 M 3.

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Also asked, what is the molar ratio for this reaction for KHP NaOH?


Also Know, how do you standardize NaOH with KHP? In the first standardization the molarity of a sodium hydroxide solution (NaOH) will be determined by titrating a sample of potassium acid phthalate (KHP; HKC8H4O4) with the NaOH. In the second procedure the standardized NaOH will be used to determine the molarity of a hydrochloric solution (HCl).

Also to know is, how do you determine the volume of NaOH required to neutralize Khp?

Molar mass of KHP: 204.22 g/mol, so we have 0.8508 g/(204.22 g/mol) = 4.166 mmol of KHP. To titrate it to the equivalence point, we need an equal amount of NaOH: 4.166 mmol of NaOH. With 0.2535 mmol/mL of NaOH, we need a volume of 4.166 mmol/(0.2535 mmol/mL)=16.43 mL.

Why do you need to use Khp to standardize a solution of NaOH?

A “Standard acid” is one that we can easily measure out into a known number of moles. KHP is a good standard because it can be stored as a stable powder that does not absorb water from the air. So, we can measure out a known mass easily using a balance and calculate the number of moles from the mass.

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