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How do you care for a keepsake azalea?

Keep them well lit, but out of direct sun. Moisture should be your greatest concern in the care of indoor azaleas. Never allow your plant to dry out. While watering from the top may provide sufficient care, indoor azaleas enjoy the occasional dunk, pot and all, in a larger container of water.

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Also know, can Keepsake Azaleas be planted outside?

Keepsake azaleas are a special, potted variety of azalea designed for growing indoors. While you can plant your keepsake azalea outside, it is unlikely the plant will survive a cold winter.

Secondly, why are the leaves falling off my indoor azalea? Azaleas become stressed in soggy soil. When in stress they will drop their leaves. Correction for this problem is a well-drained soil or enough time for the area to dry before another rain or watering. There are a few insects that will attack azalea and can cause the leaves to fall off.

Then, how do you get azaleas to bloom again?

  1. Sunlight. Shed a little -- or a lot -- of light on your azaleas if they aren't blooming.
  2. Water & Mulch. If your azaleas aren't blooming, and your landscape tends to be on the dry side, give your plants some more water, especially if there has not been a lot of rain.
  3. Fertilizer.
  4. Shelter.
  5. Fencing or Netting.
  6. Fungicide.

Can azaleas be cut back to the ground?

An azalea can become overgrown and leggy, and although rejuvenating pruning is beneficial, drastic measures, such as cutting the shrub down to 6 inches above the ground, can kill it. If new growth emerges from the 6-inch-tall branch, then you'll know the azalea can withstand severe cutting back.

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