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How do you care for an outdoor bromeliad?

Following a few simple steps can keep you enjoying bromeliads, both indoors and out, for several seasons.
  1. Provide bright light without direct sun exposure.
  2. Maintain optimal humidity.
  3. Keep air flowing around the plants.
  4. Make sure the plants stay moist but not soggy.
  5. Provide adequate drainage.
  6. Fertilize sparingly.

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In this way, can you keep bromeliads outside?

Bromeliads can also be grown outdoors. They will thrive all year in tropical climates, but can also be placed outdoors in containers during the summer in more extreme climates. Bromeliads in containers will do well on shaded patios or under trees with broad canopies that allow dappled light through.

Beside above, do bromeliads only flower once? Bromeliads have beautiful foliage, but they are often sought after for their inflorescence and the colorful leaves that accompany blooming. Unfortunately bromeliads, with the exception of a few genera, bloom only once. New plants will grow, but often they need some encouragement to produce a new flower.

Also, how often do you water a bromeliad plant?

once a week

Do bromeliads like sun or shade?

Some bromeliads are found on shaded, lower branches of trees. In their natural habitats, bromeliads grow in the full range of light conditions from full sun to partial shade. Many bromeliads are quite tolerant, but the variegated plants will often become solid green if they are given too much shade.

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