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How do you cut pink foam insulation?

The best way to cleanly cut rigid insulation is to use a circular saw. The blade will give you the most precise cut. However, you can also use a utility knife to score the rigid insulation and then snap it over an edge.

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Also know, how do you cut insulation in pink foam board?

You can either use a special scoring tool, or just make cuts with the utility knife. A score will not penetrate through the board all the way. Bring the foam board up on it's edge and snap against the score line. The board should easily break apart at the score marks.

Likewise, how do you cut a 2 inch thick foam board? Part 2 Cutting With a Utility Knife

  1. Use a segmented blade to cut your insulated foam. Segmented knives have ridges running along the bottom of the blade.
  2. Score the insulated foam with your utility knife.
  3. Make a second cut to finish the incision.
  4. Remove the clamps and examine the foam piece.

Similarly, it is asked, how do you cut foil face foam insulation?

Lay the foam board on a flat work surface. If only one side is foil-faced, lay it foil-side up. Use a measuring tape to find the place you want to cut, and place a straightedge along the line to guide you. Draw the line in marker for extra cutting assurance if desired.

Can I cut foam with a jigsaw?

If you do it wrong, cutting through foam can be a spectacularly messy job. Before attempting to cut the foam take a well-used jigsaw blade and, holding it with a pair of locking pliers, grind off the the teeth and create a smooth knife edge. Your jigsaw will give you a nice, clean cut through foam every time.

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