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How do you find pipes under floorboards?

So if you want to locate copper pipes below 20mm timber floorboards, use a piece of scrap copper pipe and hold it under a piece of timber, and adjust the dial on the detector so that it beeps only when it is definitely over the pipe.

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Also know, can you run gas pipe under floorboards?

Yes it's fine to run a gas pipe under a floor, as long as it is correctly supported and identified as a gas pipe. And tested by a gas safe engineer.

Furthermore, can gas pipes be chased into walls? Try to run vertical pipes in walls in ducts, with access if possible, never inside the cavity. If the wall is thick enough to provide proper cover the pipe can be run in a chase. If tube has to be installed in purpose-designed ducts, these must be sealed to prevent the passage of gas into the wall cavity.

Simply so, how can you tell if floorboards are rotten?

The most telling indication that a squeaky and lumpy floor may be rotting is the presence of moisture. Moisture may not be apparent on the surface, especially if the floor covering is hardwood, but you may see indications of it from underneath.

Can you box in gas pipes?

yes you can box a gas pipe in, if the boxing is over 0.01m2 then you will need to vent it with the correct size ventilation. If you want the pipework altered then get a local Registered Gas Engineer to give you a quote for the work.

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