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How do you finish Home Depot unfinished cabinets?

Staining and finishing:
  1. Apply a coat of stain with a brush and rag - following manufacturers suggestions to wipe off any excess.
  2. Apply a coat of Sanding Sealer to the dry stained surface.
  3. Sand again and wipe all dust residue off with a tack cloth.
  4. Apply a coat of polyurethane (satin, semi-gloss, or gloss).

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In this way, how does Home Depot paint unfinished cabinets?


  1. Lightly sand the wood surface with a fine grit sanding sponge - which opens up the wood fibers and smooth's out any rough spots.
  2. Prime all raw wood with a quality oil based primer.
  3. Sand when dry and remove any dust.
  4. Apply a coat of BEHR Ultra paint in either satin or semi-gloss finish.

who makes cabinets for Home Depot? The Home Depot offers many top cabinet makers and kitchen brands such as Hampton Bay, Home Decorators Collection, Thomasville, KraftMaid, American Woodmark, Decorá and more. These kitchen cabinet manufacturers are KCMA certified, and the listed cabinet brands all come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their products.

Furthermore, is it cheaper to buy unfinished cabinets?

For those looking to save money on solid wood cabinets, unfinished cabinets are the way to go. They'll be more expensive than particleboard or plywood unfinished stock cabinets but significantly cheaper than already-finished solid wood cabinets.

Do you need to Prime unfinished cabinets before painting?

Prime the unfinished wood with a primer designed for the type of paint you've chosen--oil or water-based. Start with the small areas and trim and cut-in with a 2 to 3-inch sash brush. Apply primer to larger areas with a 6-inch paint roller and roller cover.

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