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How do you fix chipped chalk paint?

All you need to do is grab your fine sanding block, the same one you use to distress your piece and lightly rub over the cracking. This both smooths out the cracks and picks paint dust up and drops it into the cracks to cover them up and fill them in, then you just wax as normal.

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Also asked, will chalk paint chip off?

Chalk Paint tends to leave strokes or not be as smooth as latex. You can counteract that by lightly sanding in between coats. And on your final coat before applying your sealer. And another thing, just because you are using Chalk Paint, it does not mean that they have to be “shabby” looking or distressed.

Furthermore, how do you fix chalky paint? Cheap paints tend to chalk more than premium selections.

  1. Wash the chalky surface clean using a power washer and a mild dish-washing soap.
  2. Wash away the soap using fresh, clean water.
  3. Seal the exterior paint by applying an acrylic-based primer.
  4. Apply two coats of an acrylic-based, exterior paint to the house.

Also asked, why is my chalk paint cracking when it dries?

Yup – sometimes chalk based paint will crack. Some users may even like this. This could either be another case of bleed through OR a matter of not letting the first coat dry before applying the second coat.

What happens if you don't seal chalk paint?

It is not advisable. Chalk Paint® decorative paint, even when sealed with a quality sealer such as Annie Sloan Soft Wax or Annie Sloan Lacquer, will not be 100% non-porous and this can present problems with cross contamination. The surface may look clean but it may not be deep down into the finish.

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