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How do you hang a bird feeder?

If you must hang the bird feeder on a tree, keep it at least six feet from the trunk or the tree limbs. Add a squirrel baffle over the bird feeder to prevent squirrels from climbing down the wire used to hang the bird feeder. If you decide to use a free standing pole, it should be 5' high and 10' from the nearest tree.

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Similarly, you may ask, where do you hang a bird feeder?

Bird feeders are best hung in a place where your visiting birds feel safe from predators. Most important: Avoid open and noisy areas and hang your bird feeders at eye level or a little above. Do not hang feeders too close to any place where squirrels can jump on them, or too low they are within a cat's reach.

Also Know, how do you suspend a bird feeder? Suspend your feeders on a wire strung from one pole to another, at least 5 feet from the ground. To prevent squirrels from doing a tight-rope walking trick, string plastic liter-size soda bottles onto the wire on both sides of the feeders.

Similarly, how high should a bird feeder be hung?

about 5 feet

How do you hang a bird feeder from a high branch?

How To: Tree Pulley Bird Feeders

  1. Attach an eye hook to the top of the bird feeder.
  2. Place a ladder underneath the spot the bird feeder will hang.
  3. Hang an S-hook over the tree branch the bird feeder will hang from.
  4. Hang the pulley from the S-hook.
  5. Attach one end of the rope to the top of the bird feeder.

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